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About DBS Checks for Care

What DBS Checks for care workers do uCheck offer?

Here at uCheck, we offer three different types of DBS checks: Basic, Standard, and Enhanced. All three of these are used in varied circumstances, but for this industry, an Enhanced DBS check for carers is what’s used most.

Basic DBS Checks For Care Homes

A Basic DBS check is the least commonly used in the care industry. It details any unspent convictions an applicant may have, which means it will highlight any recent or serious convictions. 

Standard DBS Checks For Care Homes

A Standard DBS check is used in the care industry for the likes of domestic workers in hospices and receptionists in GP surgeries. This type of DBS check is required for individuals who have access to patients whilst they receive healthcare, but themselves are not the caregivers. It will detail any spent or unspent convictions an applicant may have, as well as any cautions, warnings or reprimands they may have received, so long as they are not protected. It does this through a comprehensive check of the Police National Computer (PNC).

Enhanced DBS Checks For Care Homes

The Enhanced level of DBS check for carers is what’s used the most in this industry. This type of DBS check is used for care workers who are providing care to patients. It will detail any spent or unspent convictions the applicant has, as well as any reprimands, warnings or cautions they’ve received. An Enhanced check also provides the opportunity for the local police authority to disclose any additional information they have if they see it as being relevant. As well as this, checks against the children’s/adults’ barred list can also be included if appropriate. 

Are DBS Checks for care workers a legal requirement?

Yes, all healthcare professionals who provide care to vulnerable adults or children require an Enhanced DBS check. Safeguarding measures have been put in place to protect vulnerable adults and children, as legislation states that this level of DBS checks is a requirement for the regulated activity that is the provision of healthcare. 

As providing healthcare comes under the six roles of regulated activity, this is why DBS checks for care workers are legally required. The six roles of regulated activity include:

  • Providing healthcare
  • Providing personal care, such as assistance with eating and drinking, washing or going to the toilet
  • Conveying a vulnerable adult to a healthcare or social work appointment
  • Assistance with general household matters, such as paying bills on their behalf
  • Providing social work
  • Assistance in the conduct of the person’s own affairs

Why is a DBS Check for carers important?

DBS checks for care homes and care workers are extremely important. Why? Well, first off, they help organisations to remain compliant with regulations and meet legal requirements. By conducting Enhanced DBS checks for potential employees, you can rest assured that your organisation has followed the correct safeguarding procedures. 

They’re also important for identifying the appropriateness of an employee for a role that you’re recruiting for. The records that the government can provide in DBS checks can show you convictions/cautions, helping you make the right decision for your organisation. 

How does the process work?

With uCheck, the process is simple. Pay for the checks you need, assign them to employees/candidates, and get results in less than 48 hours.

Pay for the checks you need

With our easy-to-use online platform, you select the DBS check that you require and only pay for the amount you need. Add your employees/candidates to our online system and begin straight away. For more information, see our pricing.

Share with employees

You can share the application with your chosen employee/candidate for them to complete online and return. Share a link or send it via email — it’s simple.  

Track the application 

Track the entire application, from when your employee/candidate receives it to awaiting results from us. You can send prompts to these individuals to complete their applications and see a complete overview of all your DBS checks for care workers on our online hub. 

24/48 hour turnarounds

Once the application has been submitted, our average turnaround time is 48 hours! Your applicant will get a digital result with a paper certificate sent to their address from the DBS within 5-7 working days.

Adult First  DBS Check Service

Employers that provide care services in adult care homes may be eligible for the DBS Adult first service. This allows organisations to request a check of the DBS adult’s barred list. 

The results from an Adult First DBS Check are usually delivered within 72 hours and can dictate if the person can be permitted to start working with vulnerable adults (under supervision) before a DBS Certificate has been obtained. 

If the Adult First DBS Check has indicated to wait for the full DBS then you must wait for the full disclosure to make a hiring decision. This may mean it has proved inconclusive and does not mean that the applicant is on the ISA / Adult Barred List. 

Please note that this service is only available to organisations who are eligible to access the DBS’s adult barred list and who have requested a check of the barred list on their DBS application form. Get in touch to see if you’re eligible for this service.

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