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Can I get a DBS check as an individual?

‘Can I get a DBS check as an individual?’ It’s a question we often get asked at uCheck. If you’ve wondered this yourself, it might be worth considering a basic DBS check. The basic DBS check is one of three types of DBS check. Below we discuss the three types of check... Read more

The DBS barred lists: When to do a check

The DBS barred lists exist to help organisations recruit safely. Certain roles require the applicant to undergo a check of either one or both of the barred lists. But how can organisations determine whether a barred list check is required? Our guide explains... Read more

Illegal Working in the UK: An Infographic

What’s the general British attitude toward illegal workers? We surveyed 2,800 business owners to get their honest opinion – and the results were extremely interesting.  We found that those in the charity sector were the most compassionate towards illegal workers,... Read more

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