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DBS Checks for Online Roles

We’ve been getting a lot of enquiries lately about DBS Checks for online roles – so we’ve put together this blog to answer your questions. Like it or not, the internet is now a constant presence in our lives. There are apps and online services designed to... Read more

DBS Checks for Airport Employees

Airport safety is of paramount importance, and stringent security measures are vital to protect passengers, staff, equipment and infrastructure. DBS Checks for airport employees play a key role in these security measures. But who needs a DBS Check in an airport, and... Read more

Common DBS Application Mistakes

At uCheck, we process thousands of DBS applications every week, so we’re well-versed in common DBS application mistakes. Luckily, we’re equally well-versed in fixing them – but helping people avoid them in the first place is even better. Previously, we wrote a... Read more

DBS Checks in Gyms and Leisure Centres

Confused about DBS checks in gyms and leisure centres? The new year is traditionally a time for reinvention and setting goals for the year ahead – and for lots of people, those goals centre around fitness. If you run a gym or leisure centre, you’ve probably seen... Read more

DBS Checks for Universities

Here at uCheck, we get lots of enquiries about DBS Checks for universities. So we’ve put together a guide that explains the rules surrounding DBS checks for university staff, students and volunteers.   What are the different levels of DBS Check? Before we get into the... Read more

The DBS Workforce Guides Explained

The DBS workforce guides are designed to help employers figure out which types of work are eligible for a DBS Check, and which ‘workforce’ specific positions fall into. Navigating DBS Check eligibility can be a challenge, even for organisations that carry out checks... Read more

Pre-employment Checks in Recruitment

DBS Checks and other pre-employment checks can be incredibly useful for recruitment agencies. Some checks are a requirement for certain jobs, while others provide extra reassurance that you’re hiring the right people for the job. But which checks are right for which... Read more

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