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The uCheck white label capability is the right option when you’ve a client or user base of your own, to which you wish to provide all uCheck services.

We brand the user interface with your logo and colour scheme. The look and feel of the system means your users will see it as a solution provided by your brand. Only limited reference is made to uCheck within a branded system.

It’s a great option to make all of the uCheck services available and build value for your brand.

Whilst this option is most commonly used by recruitment agencies it’s available to anyone who wishes to provide a custom look to uCheck. Conversion to your brand styling typically costs just £500. We manage the whole branding process and it’s normally completed in less than a week.

What is white labelling?

White labelling is the process of taking our service and rebranding it to make it appears as if it’s a service you created.

How much does it cost?

To brand with your logo and colours costs just £500. We can also provide further customisation for an additional charge.


Supply your high resolution logo image and RGB colours to replace the uCheck colour scheme.


Our custom development team build your branded version and provide visuals for you to approve. The build process takes two days.


Once approved your account manager provides a unique logon URL for your company to provide to your users.

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