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Need to have all the power of uCheck vetting and screening directly available from within your own system? Or want to develop a screening system all of your own but can’t face the learning curve of how to run checks? Our API is just the ticket.

Simply send the details of the applicant via the API to uCheck and then get the check results. The API is based on modern REST API standards making integration easy.

Using the API means you get all the benefits of the years of development uCheck has put into handling checking processes, but you can still create a custom application that is tailored to your business needs. Currently the API covers DBS checks and is being expanded to cover a wider range of checks.

Development of an API link incurs a charge by uCheck and will be agreed in negotiation with our team. We offer a referral fee to third parties who offer uCheck’s DBS checks to their end users.

When should I consider using the API?

When you have a need to develop a vetting system with a different user interface to the uCheck system. If you just want a branded version of uCheck then our white labelling option is a better choice. The API is a potential choice for anyone running more than 1,500 DBS checks per year.

What do I need to use the API?

Your development IT team need to be able to work with RESTful interfaces and have a good understanding of web-related technologies.


Make sure you are clear about your integration requirements.


Give our API specification to your developers. Our support can provide guidance.


Once your developers are done go live.

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