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Upcoming changes to DBS applications

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You already know the importance of correctly filling out a DBS application. Doing so will help you make better recruitment decisions. However, there are some upcoming changes to how incorrect applications are handled.

From Monday 5th June 2023, the DBS will withdraw all standard and enhanced applications where they have identified that a name has not been declared on the current application. The DBS will use the driving licence, passport, and national insurance number entered on the current application to identify previous applications belonging to an applicant.

From Monday 3rd July 2023, the DBS will withdraw all basic applications where they have identified that an incorrect driving licence, passport and national insurance number has been supplied.

The DBS uses the driving licence, passport and national insurance number as part of their matching process. Due to this, they must be provided correctly on the application if the applicant has these. 

If this information has not been provided correctly, the DBS will withdraw the application from processing.

What does this mean for me?

You’ll need to ensure that the applicant is providing the following, where applicable:

1. Middle Name(s) – especially those that appear on their identity documents, e.g. passport, driving licence, birth certificate, etc.

2. Full name history – details of any other names used at any time during the applicant’s lifetime along with the dates during which the names were used

3. National Insurance Number – this number has to be present and correct

4. Driving Licence – these details have to be present and correct

5. Passport – these details have to be present and correct

Here’s an example to illustrate the new process

An application for a standard/enhanced DBS Check is submitted with the following details:

Name history: MICHAEL SMITH (from birth – present)

NINO: AB12345C

PP: 1234567

The DBS check the system to see if any previously matched applications exist with a NINO of AB12345C or PP of 1234567.

The DBS find a previously matched application with a NINO of AB12345C – the DBS check the names on this previous application and they find the following undisclosed name which resulted in a match to a PNC record.

Current name: MICHAEL SMITH (1999 – present).  Previous Name: MICHAEL JONES (birth – 1999)

As the current application does not contain the previously declared name of MICHAEL JONES, the current application will be withdrawn and the Registered Body will be notified. 

If this same application was submitted without a NINO or PP, the DBS wouldn’t be able to identify any previous applications using this cross-check method and the application would continue to be processed as usual.  Applications won’t be withdrawn because the driving licence, passport, or national insurance numbers have been omitted from the current application but were provided in a previous application.

What happens if I don’t do this?

Failure to provide complete information about the applicant can result in the check being withdrawn by the DBS and the fee being forfeited.

Similarly, if the information has been provided and it’s not correct, the DBS will withdraw the application from processing and again, the fee will be forfeited.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you’re taking the time to review the applicant’s information before approving the application for submission.

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