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Who Needs A DBS Check? Five Roles You Wouldn’t Expect

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Who needs a DBS check? Five roles you wouldn’t expect

Wondering who needs a DBS check?

For some roles, it’s clear why applicants need to have a check – for example, teachers, carers and healthcare professionals. All these roles involve a high level of responsibility and regular contact with children and/or vulnerable adults.

However, some of the roles that require DBS checks may surprise you. Read on to find out who needs a DBS check…

Traffic wardens

Traffic wardens are specifically listed as an ‘excepted profession’ in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (ROA). This means they’re eligible for a Standard DBS Check.

The professions listed in this piece of legislation involve a high level of responsibility – for example, those concerned with law enforcement. While at first glance you may not expect a traffic warden to need a DBS check, it makes sense when you consider that they’re employed to enforce parking laws.

A Standard DBS Check will reveal any spent or unspent convictions the applicant has, as well as any cautions, reprimands or warnings.

Scrap metal dealers

Before they can begin operating, scrap metal dealers must obtain a scrap metal licence from their local council. Councils require everyone named on the licence application to undertake a basic DBS check as a condition of granting the licence.

If the applicant had been convicted of certain offences they would be refused a licence, and so the basic DBS check helps councils decide whether applicants are suitable to be licenced as scrap metal dealers.

Anyone aged 16 or over can apply for a basic DBS check for themselves, which will reveal any unspent convictions they have.

Football stewards

Football stewards are also listed in the ROA, and are therefore eligible for a Standard DBS Check. This also applies to anyone who supervises or manages football stewards.

Football stewards play an important role in helping to ensure the safety of football spectators, and so the position comes with a degree of responsibility that warrants a check.

CILEx Approved Managers

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, or CILEx, is the professional body for chartered legal executives, legal practitioners, paralegals and apprentices.

Legal firms regulated by CILEx are known as Authorised Entities, and an Approved Manager is a person approved by CILEx to be a manager in an Authorised Entity.

CILEx Approved Managers are listed in the ROA, and are therefore entitled to have a Standard DBS Check.

To become an Approved Manager, applicants must provide CILEx with a standard DBS certificate that has been obtained within three months prior to the date of the application.

Gambling and National Lottery licence holders

To be eligible for an enhanced DBS check, a position must be listed in both the ROA and the Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records) Regulations.

This includes anyone who holds an operating licence or personal licence from the Gambling Commission, commissioners for the Gambling Commission and anyone who holds a licence to run the National Lottery.

An enhanced DBS check will reveal the same information as a standard check, as well as any relevant information held by local police.

Who needs a DBS check? A summary

So who needs a DBS check?

These are just a few examples of unexpected positions that require a DBS check. An employee’s eligibility for a check will depend on their specific roles and responsibilities, so you should consider each applicant on a case-by-case basis when determining what sort of check they need, if any.

For more information, see the government’s eligibility guidance or get in touch with us – we’re always happy to help.

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