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Identity Checks: How They Can Assist Your Organisation

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Identity checks: how they can assist your organisation

Identity fraud reached record levels in 2016, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing. This type of fraud presents a real and increasing issue for businesses across the UK. Identity checks are a useful tool businesses can use to tackle this problem.

Identity Checks can form a crucial part of pre-employment vetting, and can give businesses an added level of security to ensure they know who they’re recruiting.

So, let’s explore exactly what identity checks are, and how they can assist your organisation.

What are identity checks?

Identity checks can be requested by employers on their applicants during the recruitment process. This check is designed to confirm that the applicant is providing a true and accurate identity.

Identity checks involve cross-referencing information provided by the applicant with records held on various secure databases. These databases include:

By cross-referencing the applicant’s information with these various sources, an identity check will confirm both attributable identity and biographical identity aspects. This means that the check will corroborate both identity details given to an individual at birth, such as name and date of birth, and identity details built up over time, including addresses and credit history data.

Authenticating both aspects of identity details ensures a more accurate check.

Why request identity checks?

Identity checks are not only valuable to confirm the validity of an applicant, but also to ensure that other pre-employment screening checks, such as adverse credit checks, are accurate.

Without confirmation of an accurate identity, employers run the risk of using incorrect details when requesting other checks. Subsequently, the results of other checks may be affected.

An identity check can therefore be a useful safeguard before requesting other pre-employment screening checks.

How can I request identity checks?

Employers can request identity checks and other pre-employment screening checks by registering with uCheck.

Registering takes just five minutes and provides companies with access to our online HR platform, where up to six checks can be requested with just one application form. This means that you can tailor which checks you request to the requirements of your organisation.

The system will keep you updated on the status of your applications every step of the way, and an email notification will advise you when the checks are complete.

The results of checks can be issued in a matter of minutes, and will be presented in a downloadable PDF file designed for inclusion in your HR files.

Looking to get started? Register here in less than five minutes.

Have any questions about identity or other pre-employment checks? Please get in touch – our support team will be happy to help.

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