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Do Nannies Need A DBS Check?

do nannies need a dbs check

If you’re looking to hire a nanny, part of a nanny agency or a nanny yourself you may be wondering ‘do nannies need a DBS Check’?

Any role that requires interaction with children requires some degree of safeguarding protocol. For nannies, this can include a DBS Check.

But what level of DBS Check is appropriate for a nanny? Who should be applying for this check? Are any further checks, such as a home-based position check, required?

If you’re unsure, our guide will run you through the various DBS Check options available to nannies.

Do nannies need a DBS Check?

As a nanny is expected to care for a child whilst unsupervised, they would qualify for an Enhanced DBS check with the check of the children’s barred list.

If an employee is found to be on the children’s barred list then it is illegal to hire them for childcare. As such, nanny agencies will require their nannies to have a valid DBS Check upon hiring them.

Who should apply for the check?

At uCheck, the main thing we get asked in relation to nannies is ‘who can process the check on the nanny’s behalf?’. 

We do get a lot of individuals seeking their own checks, but we’re also sometimes contacted by the actual family trying to register with us. This is seen as a private arrangement, despite the fact the family are technically the employer. 

It is recommended that either a nanny agency or their local authority would need to submit these kinds of applications.

What level of DBS Check is appropriate?

The level of DBS Check that a nanny can obtain is dependent on who applies for the check.

As an individual, a nanny can only obtain a basic DBS Check, however this would not be a high enough level of check for someone caring for children.

If an agency applies for the DBS Check on the nanny’s behalf then it is likely an enhanced DBS Check will be requested for the nanny. This also applies if the nanny is a registered childminder for a regulatory body such as Ofsted.

Are any further checks necessary?

We’re also often asked if working as a nanny would require a home-based position check. 

Generally speaking, nannies won’t work from their own home – that would fall more under the role of a childminder.

The exception to this would be if they are a ‘live in’ nanny, who actually moves into the family’s home to care for the children.

Either way, an Enhanced DBS with the Child workforce and barred list would be needed if a nanny, or agency on behalf of a nanny, chooses to apply for a home-based position check.

Do nannies need a DBS Check – Conclusion

If you’re seeking to obtain an Enhanced DBS Check as a nanny or someone who’s employing a nanny, a company or organisation must apply on their behalf.

We hope that our blog has helped to clear up any misconceptions about nannies and DBS Checks. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always happy to help!

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