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DBS Checks For Airport Employees

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Airport safety is of paramount importance, and stringent security measures are vital to protect passengers, staff, equipment and infrastructure. DBS Checks for airport employees play a key role in these security measures.

But who needs a DBS Check in an airport, and what sort of check should they have?

Airside pass requirements for airport employees

In order to work in a security restricted area in an airport, an employee must have an airside pass. Employees or potential employees must meet certain requirements before they’re granted a pass.

If an employee holds an airside pass, it shows that their background has been checked and their good character has been ascertained.

One of the background checks that must be carried out is a Basic DBS Check. If the applicant has lived overseas, they’ll also need an equivalent certificate for any country they’ve lived in continuously for six months or in the last five years.

Which employees need a Basic DBS Check?

The Civil Aviation Authority states that a Basic DBS Check is required for someone to work:

  • Unescorted in a security restricted area at an airport, as they will need to hold an airside pass issued by the airport manager
  • As a certified trainer
  • As a certified validator of known consignors
  • As the person responsible for security and its implementation at a regulated agent’s or known consignor’s site

A new Basic DBS Check must be carried out whenever an employee’s airside pass is renewed. The frequency of this would be determined by the airport manager.

What is a Basic DBS Check?

A Basic DBS Check is a type of criminal record check. It will reveal any unspent convictions the applicant has.

There are no eligibility requirements for a Basic DBS Check – anyone aged 16 or over can have one. This makes them suitable for all airport employees, not just those who are required to have one.

How can I obtain DBS Checks for airport employees?

Generally, employers will apply for airside passes on behalf of their employees or potential employees, and will carry out the relevant checks.

Employers can apply for Basic DBS Checks through a DBS umbrella body (like uCheck). This makes the process quick and simple and ensures compliance.

Individuals, on the other hand, can apply for their own Individual Criminal Record Check.

DBS Checks for airport employees

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to airport safety and security, and so it’s vital that airports do everything they can to make sure they’re employing the right people.

DBS Checks for airport employees are a crucial part of establishing their suitability for the role, and helping to ensure the safety of passengers and airport staff.

For more information about DBS Checks for airport employees, see the Civil Aviation Authority’s website, or for general DBS enquiries give us a call today.

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