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We have had excellent help and support doing the DBS online for the first time. Over the telephone and the online system. Thank you.

Pat Trotter, West Street Pre-school

I find uCheck to be a very good web based service for managing and processing DBS clearance application for employees. They offer a great service and help when you need it. Highly recommended.

Steven Walsh, Smart Education

I found the process via uCheck straightforward and we received all of our results within a few days. The emails to aid you through the process were clear and the support we received when we called was friendly and helpful.

Dr Sharlene Parmar-Anwar

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We provide checks for individuals as well as employers,


Save time on job applicant checks

uCheck is an online solution that lets you easily run checks on job applicants. Enter the applicant’s details just once, select which particular checks you need and get quick results. No more endless waiting, no more having to use different systems for different checks.

Only need a DBS check or one other type of check? uCheck pay as you go pricing means it’s still cost effective and you’ll benefit from the speed of using uCheck for making checks online.

Why uCheck for HR screening?

  • Quick: Receive results in the quickest time possible. Our record for an Enhanced DBS check is 61 minutes!
  • Easy: Entering applicant details and requesting checks takes under 5 minutes. Once an application is processing a dashboard report keeps you informed.
  • Affordable: Competitive pricing and we don’t use minimums or contracts to force you to stick with us. Clients stay because they want to.
  • Helpful: When you need to talk to someone our helpful UK based support is available without long phone menus and wait times. We have live chat too.

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Adoption and fostering: The DBS check eligibility explained

Adoption and fostering: The DBS check eligibility explained Adoption and fostering can have a hugely positive impact on children’s lives, and can be incredibly rewarding for adoptive parents and foster carers too. Naturally, safeguarding is of paramount importance for adoption and fostering roles, with DBS checks playing a vital part […]

DBS application form mistakes

The DBS Application Form: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The DBS application form: common mistakes & how to avoid them Our online system makes filling in a DBS application form quick and convenient – but it’s still easy to make mistakes. Submitting a DBS application form with mistakes can delay the results and affect the accuracy of the disclosure certificate. To […]

Taking on an apprentice

Taking on an Apprentice: Do Supervisors Need a DBS Check?

Taking on an apprentice is a great way to nurture and develop enthusiastic new talent for your business or organisation. In the 2016-17 academic year there were 491,300 apprenticeship starts – a record number. The businesses who employ them are reaping the benefits: 76% say productivity has improved and 75% […]

Safeguarding in care homes

Safeguarding in Care Homes: The Facts

Safeguarding in care homes: The facts Care homes have a duty to keep their residents safe. With a recent CQC report revealing that one in four adult social care services in the UK is in need of improvement in terms of safety, safeguarding in care homes has never been more […]

What does a DBS check show?

What does a DBS check show? The definitive guide

What does a DBS check show? The definitive guide What does a DBS check show? It’s a question we’re often asked at uCheck – so we’ve come up with this handy guide to clear up the confusion. What does a DBS check show? Busting the myths One of the most […]

Why is confidentiality important?

Why is confidentiality important for DBS data?

Why is confidentiality important for DBS data? Why is confidentiality important when it comes to DBS data? All organisations have to comply with data protection laws, and there is even stronger legal protection for information relating to criminal records. In this guide we’ll explore why confidentiality is important for DBS […]

DBS ID checking

DBS ID checking: the process explained

DBS ID checking: the process explained DBS ID checking is a mandatory part of the application process. This is because it ensures that the employer has confirmed an applicant’s identity to a sufficient level. But what exactly is involved in the DBS ID checking process? And how can you confirm […]

DBS checks for charities

DBS checks for charities: safeguarding vulnerable groups

DBS checks for charities: safeguarding vulnerable groups The nature of the sector means that DBS checks for charities are often required as part of safeguarding measures. For many charities who work with children and/or vulnerable adults, DBS checks will be crucial in determining the suitability of staff and volunteers. But […]

DBS checks for pharmacies: the eligibility explained

DBS checks for pharmacies can be confusing, especially when trying to determine who is eligible for each level of check. So, here at uCheck we have created this quick guide, designed to explain the eligibility in clear terms, so your pharmacy can be clear about the process. Who is eligible […]

The DBS filtering process

The DBS filtering process: what does it mean for employers?

The DBS filtering process: what does it mean for employers? As part of the DBS checking process, some cautions and convictions are no longer disclosed on DBS certificates. This is a process known as filtering. But what exactly is the DBS filtering process? And what are the implications for employers […]

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