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Mythbusting: Common misconceptions about employment checks

employment checks

The world of employment checks can seem complicated at first glance. You might wonder the difference between certain checks, who should pay for them, how long they last, etc. We cover many of those questions on our FAQ page!

However, we’ve recently heard of a few misconceptions about employment checks that we’d like to put to rest. With that said, here are five common misconceptions about employment checks…

1. Employers cannot check a candidate’s social media presence

If a candidate’s social media profiles are set as public, you are allowed to include information within a background check.

With that said, you must be careful when using this information. If you decide not to hire a candidate using information found on their social media, it must be justified.

2. You can perform a background check without the candidate’s permission

It’s illegal to perform any background checks without a candidate’s consent.

To mitigate any legal trouble, it’s strongly recommended to piece together a consent form for candidates, which details how you will store and process their data.

3. Only large businesses have to do background checks

No matter the size of your business, you must have a thorough background check process in place.

4. Employment checks should be the same for every role

Different roles require different checks. You should only perform background checks if the role is eligible.

5. Criminal record checks are legally required in all sectors

Ultimately, it depends on the industry you work in, but criminal record checks are not legally required in all sectors. In most industries, it is up to the employer whether they decide to hire someone with a criminal record.

However, if, for example, a candidate is applying to work in finance and a criminal record check shows that they committed financial fraud, then it would land you in legal trouble if you hire them.

Making employment checks simple

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