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DBS Checks In Dentistry: Who Needs A Check?

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Dental surgeries are healthcare settings and so DBS checks in dentistry are essential for safeguarding measures.

By ensuring that safe recruitment decisions are made and maintained throughout the business, DBS checks in dentistry ensure that patients receive safe, reliable and appropriate care.

But how can you determine which level of DBS checks each staff member needs? This blog will take you through some of the common job roles in dentistry and outline their DBS check requirements.

Read on to find out more about DBS checks in dentistry.

DBS Checks in Dentistry: Dentists

As key figures in the dentistry profession, and those who will provide healthcare to patients, dentists will be eligible for an enhanced DBS check with a check against both the children’s and the adults’ barred lists.

This is the highest level of DBS check available and will detail any unspent and spent convictions the applicant may have that are not protected in line with current guidance, as well as any cautions, warnings or reprimands they may have received. As well as including checks against the barred lists, this level of check includes the facility for the local police authorities to disclose any additional information they may hold the applicant which is deemed relevant.


DBS Checks in Dentistry: Dental Nurses

As dental nurses will also be providing healthcare to patients, and thus engaging in regulated activity, they too will meet the DBS checking criteria, and be eligible for the enhanced DBS check with a check against the barred lists.

This level of check will help to meet safeguarding requirements, and make sure there is a good level of pre-employment screening in dentistry recruitment.


DBS Checks in Dentistry: Reception/Admin Staff

DBS checks in dentistry aren’t just limited to dentists and dental nurses. There will likely be other staff members working in dentistry, such as non-clinical staff including reception or admin staff. In order to confirm which level of DBS check they would typically be eligible for, all aspects of their role should be considered.

By working in a dental practice, such staff members would typically be eligible for a standard DBS check as they will be coming into contact with patients in receipt of care as part of their role. This level of check will detail any unspent or spent convictions they may have received, that have not been protected in line with current guidance, as well as any cautions, warnings or reprimands they may have received.

Their eligibility for a higher level of check should however be considered if they will also be acting as a chaperone in their role, and either being solely responsible for supervising children, or helping vulnerable adults with personal care.

DBS Checks in Dentistry: A Summary

As we have seen, as a healthcare setting, DBS checks in dentistry play a key role in ensuring appropriate safeguarding and vetting in the recruitment process.

So what are the key points to remember when it comes to DBS checks in dentistry?

  • Providing healthcare means the highest level of DBS check will be required. This often applies to dentists and dental nurses.
  • Other staff member will typically be eligible for a standard DBS check, but consider all aspects of their role to ensure you are requesting the correct level.
  • Ensure you have accurate and appropriate DBS checks in place to maintain safeguarding.

Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any further questions. You can apply for a number of DBS Checks through our simple online platform – most checks are completed within 48 hours. Get started now.

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