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DBS Check Eligibility: A Comprehensive Guide

DBS check eligibility

Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about DBS check eligibility.

DBS checks help organisations determine whether a potential employee or volunteer is suitable for the position by providing information about that person’s criminal history, if they have any.

Roles that require DBS checks tend to be positions which involve working unsupervised with children or vulnerable adults, such as teachers and nurses.

Who is eligible for a DBS check?

In 2009 new safeguarding regulations were introduced which place an obligation on employers, social services and professional regulators to notify the DBS of any relevant information.

This means that people who are deemed a threat to vulnerable groups, such as children, can be prevented from working with them.

You may need to check someone’s criminal record if they apply for voluntary work or fostering.

It’s a criminal offence to knowingly employ someone in a role where they’ll be working with vulnerable people if they’ve been barred from doing so.

Which DBS check level is right for me?

An organisation must determine whether a role is eligible for a DBS check and if so, what level is needed.

Applying for the wrong level of check can slow the process down, which is frustrating for all parties involved.

Before submitting an application on behalf of a volunteer, organisations must think about whether the person is ‘engaged in any activity which involves spending time, unpaid, doing something which aims to benefit someone’, the DBS says.

What is the legislation on DBS checks?

DBS check applicants must be aged 16 or over and eligibility for a specific position is based on the duties which will be carried out within the role.

Legislation has been laid out to help companies and organisations determine whether applicants should apply for a standard or enhanced level DBS check.

If a position is listed in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 then a standard level DBS check can be carried out.

An enhanced level check could be carried out if a role is listed in the Police Act Regulations and the ROA Exceptions Order.

Check your eligibility today

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