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The Importance Of DBS Checks Before Employing Someone

Managing a workforce can be a tedious task and paperwork is rarely a barrel of laughs but it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of DBS checks.

Far too many employers find out the hard way that their employees do not have a clean record.

Some may pose a threat to others and to the company’s reputation – and that’s where comprehensive background checks can prove priceless.

Background checks cover areas such as criminal records, medical history, media searching, employment history and qualifications.

Out of all the background checking options available, many companies consider the DBS check to be the benchmark.

A DBS check – previously known as a CRB check – makes use of any records held by the government that can be used to evaluate the working condition of an individual.

Why choose a DBS check? It’s cost effective

Safely and efficiently establishing someone’s background is far less expensive than the cost of a bad hire.

As a result, a single DBS check can help save company resources in the long run.

Employees are the company’s biggest asset and a DBS check will ensure they are screened properly based on their skills, capability and background.

Through a DBS check, managers can make accurate hiring decisions and prevent possible loss.

The cost of a bad hire in the UK

A bad hire is defined as someone who turned out to perform to an unsatisfactory level, was not fit for the job or ended up compromising the safety or performance of other employees.

In 2013, a survey was conducted on more than 6,000 human resource managers worldwide.

It was found that, in the UK alone, 27% of companies reported an average loss of more than £50,000 for a single bad hire!

A number of factors contributed to this number. They include bad productivity, legal costs and the recruiting and re-training of another employee.

DBS checks increase hiring efficiency

A DBS check is carried out in reasonable time. It will not delay the hiring process.

Depending on the amount of information requested, DBS checks tend to take between two and four weeks.

Most of the information is publicly available and can be obtained through phone calls or via email and it can all be done to timescales that are reasonable for potential employees.

DBS checks are reassuring for possible applicants

Most employees prefer to work in a friendly and less stressful environment – you’d hope so anyway!

Knowing a company performs extensive background checks on their employees should encourage the right kind of applicants and discourage the wrong ones.

It tells potential employees you are serious about creating a harmonious working environment.

As such DBS checks can act as a filter, discouraging applicants with a bad record. Clean applicants, however, will have nothing to worry about.

CRB Check Online; fast and efficient online DBS/CRB checking

Hopefully we’ve convinced you about the importance of DBS checks but where do we fit in?

uCheck are an online company who provide DBS/CRB checks at incredibly fast speeds.

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