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Digital Identity Checks: Announcing Our New Partnership

Digital identity checks: announcing our new partnership

Here at uCheck we’re excited to announce our upcoming Digital Identity Check solution, in partnership with the Post Office and Yoti.

Using the new solution, employers will save time and effort by no longer needing to manually check applicants’ physical documents.

It follows the government’s recent release of new guidelines around Digital Identity Checks for DBS applications, as well as Right to Work Checks – more on this below.

Our partnership with the Post Office’s EasyID and Yoti’s Digital ID services will allow your potential employees’ identity documents to be verified quickly, remotely and securely.

New government guidance on digital identity verification

On 17th January 2022, the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) published updated guidance paving the way for Digital Identity Checks to be used as part of Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) has also released an update around Digital Identity Checks to verify Right to Work and other certifications.

Both sets of guidelines are based on the new UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.

The trust framework’s overall aim is to facilitate secure and trustworthy solutions around digital identity in the UK, improving the user experience and boosting economic growth.

Digital Identity Checks

A digital identity enables people to prove who they are without needing to have their physical ID documents examined.

Our new Digital Identity Check service uses automated checks to identify prospective employees almost instantly – to support Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks as well as Right to Work requirements.

It makes use of advanced AI to check passports, driving licences and PASS cards.

Digital Identity Checks put identity verification into the hands of applicants, increase efficiency and ensure that checks are secure and reliable.

Additionally, Digital Identity Checks can be used by employers to obtain a statutory excuse for Right to Work – but only for those with British and Irish Passports/Cards.

What are the benefits of Digital Identity Checks?

Checking identity is crucial during the recruitment process to protect your business against fraud. The advantages of digital verification include:

  • Speed – the applicant can upload documents digitally and prove their identity during the application process, saving both the applicant and employer considerable time
  • Quality – a Digital Identity Check scans documents’ biometric data, making it significantly more thorough than any physical check. There’s no need to worry if a document could have been forged
  • Reliable – a Digital Identity Check verifies a set scope of requirements, every single time. There’s no risk of human error
  • Scope – with the ability to check passports, PASS cards and driving licences from over 200 countries, you don’t need to worry if you’ve never seen a particular document before

Only information that is absolutely necessary needs to be shared by applicants during the Digital Identity Check process.

At uCheck, we’ll be seamlessly integrating Digital Identity Checks into our Platform, so that they’re ready to use as soon as permitted by the DBS and Home Office. Digital Identity Checks will be charged on a per-applicant basis.

We’ve previously written in more detail about the new guidance and the government’s wider plans for digital identities in the UK.

If you’d like more information about Digital Identity Checks or have queries about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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