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DBS Tracking Service – The Common Questions

What is the DBS Tracking Service?

As part of the service when requesting a DBS Disclosure you are able to track the progress of your application. DBS tracking can be done by the applicant, the employer or the registered umbrella body who processed the application. The DBS’ preferred method for application tracking is to use their (online service).

How do I use the service?

This service is easy to use and all that is required is the ‘E’ or ‘F0’ reference number of the application and the date of birth of the applicant. The DBS tracking service will allow you to see which stage the application is at. There are 5 stages to each DBS application:

  • Stage 1 – This is a confirmation that the application has been received and validated by the DBS.
  • Stage 2 – The DBS then search the applicant’s details against the Police National Computer. This system is used extensively across the UK and holds police information such as convictions, recent arrests and wanted persons amongst other data.
  • Stage 3 – In this stage the DBS complete checks against the children’s and adults barred lists if it is applicable to the application. This section was previously referred to as a List 99 check if searching against the children’s barred list.
  • Stage 4 – This part of the DBS application is where the application will be sent to local police authorities. They will then check against their records to see if there is any information they deem relevant to the application. If this is the case they would disclose that information on the certificate.
  • Stage 5 – Now the vetting has been completed this stage indicates that the certificate is being printed.

What can I use the service for?

The online tracking service will also allow you to escalate the application if it meets the criteria. In order to be able to escalate an application it needs to have been processing in stage 4 for at least 60 calendar days.

Once this is the case the online tracking system will prompt you to submit an escalation request if you wish. An escalation reference number will be given to you.

This escalation means that the DBS will contact the police authority who is holding the application and request that it is given urgent attention.

After 10 working days has elapsed, if the certificate has still not been issued you should contact the DBS.

Applications can also be tracked by contacting the (DBS) directly or calling us if you have applied through our company.

Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any further questions. You can apply for a number of DBS Checks through our simple online platform – most checks are completed within 48 hours. Get started now.

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