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DBS Checks Within A GP Surgery: The Breakdown

As we all know, due to the clientele in a GP surgery, a high number are more than likely to be vulnerable adults and children requiring healthcare.  Therefore safeguarding procedures need to be put in place and need to be in line with the national policy on DBS checks.

The eligibility for checks and the level of the check which is required, very much depends on the roles and responsibilities of the job the staff member is undertaking. Factors of which are looked at, include, Are they offering healthcare?  Do they have interaction with patients? What is their job role?

Which level of DBS check am I eligible for?

Please see below examples of positions and what checks the staff will need;

Healthcare Positions i.e. – Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Assistants will need an Enhanced check, against both children and adults barred lists for safeguarding purposes.

Medical Receptionist/Admin Positions – These will need a Standard check due to the establishment and environment they are working in. The only abnormally will be if they are also chaperoning, then because of this they would be eligible for an enhanced check with barred lists again for safeguarding purposes.

Practice managers – From what we now understand in GP surgeries there can be different types of practice managers. If the practice manager is solely admin based and has no input/role in overseeing healthcare or any other duties which relate to this, they will only need a standard check. If however, as a lot of practice manager do, they are overseeing care of the patients or the healthcare professionals or even do both, they would be eligible for an Enhanced disclosure with both barred lists.

Cleaners – For cleaners and roles a like, if they are working within the practice within working practice hours they are eligible for a Standard disclosure however if they are doing the work when the practice is shut and they have no interaction with patients these positions will not be eligible for a DBS disclosure but only a Basic Criminal Record Check. Basic Criminal Record Checks however are still very useful as they do show up any unspent convictions on somebody’s record which is still important to know for recruitment purposes. We do offer these checks are at the CRBS too.

Training and Locum Work:

When in a training role in a GP surgery, the likely hood is you will be dealing with healthcare and patients. Especially as a GP locum will be working in regulated activity with both children and adults therefore you will always need an Enhanced check with both barred lists. Training roles are not considered to be anything different when taking into account safeguarding and patient welfare.

A little Tip:

If you are doing locum work, working on temporary contracts or on a supply basis the DBS offer a service called “the update service” This allows your DBS check to become transferable to be used in other organisations as long as you are doing the same role. This is something only the DBS offer directly so you will need to contact them for more information. They will give you all the relevant details and guidance of how to apply but what we can tell you now though is you have to register for this service no later than 19 days after your DBS certificate is printed else you will be unable to do this. Also, there is a small annual fee for this service.

Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any further questions. You can apply for a number of DBS Checks through our simple online platform – most checks are completed within 48 hours. Get started now.

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