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DBS Checks For Nannies: How To Get The Check You Need

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Safeguarding is an important step in the recruitment process for nannies and childminders. This is why DBS checks for nannies are useful for demonstrating your suitability to work with children.

But as an individual, a nanny or childminder cannot apply for the highest level of DBS check; the enhanced DBS. So what options do nannies and childminders have?

This blog will explore the different options for DBS checks for nannies and childminders, so you can obtain the most suitable check for your role.


DBS Checks for Nannies: Applying as an individual

As an individual, without working for a registered company, a nanny or childminder can only obtain a basic DBS check. This is still a criminal record check, but will only detail any unspent convictions an applicant has. These commonly refer to any recent/serious convictions. This means that it is not as comprehensive level of check as the enhanced DBS.

As a private nanny working for a family, they may be happy to accept this level of check, but what can you do to obtain an enhanced DBS?

DBS Checks for Nannies: Applying through an agency

It is possible to obtain a higher level of DBS check for nannies and childminders who are registered with a nannying or childminding agency. This is because the agency can typically apply for an enhanced DBS check on your behalf.

In this case, the agency can act as the company and apply for the check. The agency may base their decision to register you on the results of the DBS certificate.  

This means that any prospective families you may work for can be assured that you have met the agency’s standards with the highest level of DBS certificate.

DBS Checks for Nannies: Applying through Ofsted

If you are a registered childminder with Ofsted, they may also be able to apply for the check on your behalf. In this case, the regulatory body acts much like the agency, as a company/organisation who can apply for the check for you.

If you are a nanny or childminder looking to obtain an enhanced DBS certificate, registering with Ofsted or an agency can be a good way to do this.

DBS Checks for Nannies: A Summary

As we have seen there are many options for nannies to obtain DBS checks. The best option for a nanny largely depends on whether they wish to apply by themselves or through an agency.

So, what are the key points to remember?

  • A nanny or childminder cannot obtain an enhanced DBS as an individual. A company/organisation must apply on their behalf.
  • As an individual, a nanny or childminder can obtain a basic DBS either through the DBS directly or Disclosure Scotland depending on where they live and/or work.
  • If a nanny or childminder is looking to obtain an enhanced DBS, the best way would be to register with an agency, or with Ofsted if appropriate.

Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any further questions. You can apply for a number of DBS Checks through our simple online platform – most checks are completed within 48 hours. Get started now.


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