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DBS Checks For First Aiders: Who’s Eligible For A Check?

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Wondering about DBS checks for first aiders?

When applying for a standard or enhanced DBS check, you need to consider the applicant’s eligibility. This means you need to determine whether any aspect of their job or voluntary role is included in the relevant legislation, meaning a higher level of check is most suitable for them.

So what are the requirements for DBS checks for first aiders? And which level of check is most suitable for them?

What does the DBS guidance say?

Looking at the DBS eligibility guidance, it’s clear that the eligibility surrounding DBS checks for first aiders can be confusing.

One of the regulated activities which would typically mean an individual is eligible for an enhanced DBS check is the provision of healthcare.

So is providing first aid classed as healthcare in this context? In short, no – apart from in certain circumstances.

Looking further at the guidance which provides the scope for regulated activity with adults, we can see it states that first aid is only classed as a form of regulated activity when the individual administering the first aid is doing so for an organisation which operates with the purpose of first aid provision. An example of this could be working for St John’s Ambulance.

It also outlines that someone who is employed for another purpose, and who only provides first aid as a designated company first aider, will not be engaging in regulated activity.

How does this affect which check should be requested?

These eligibility requirements will affect which level of check should be requested for an applicant who provides first aid.

If they provide first aid on behalf of an organisation whose main purpose is the provision of first aid, the applicant will be eligible for an enhanced DBS check. Otherwise, they will typically not be eligible for a higher level of check on the basis of first aid provision.

However, this could form only one aspect of their role. They may be eligible for a higher level of check based on another aspect of their role, or where they will be working. To help determine whether this is the case, you can use the DBS eligibility tool or contact the DBS directly.

DBS checks for first aiders: A summary

The provision of first aid represents a role which can be confusing when determining which level of check is most suitable for the applicant.

Here are the key points to remember when applying for DBS checks for first aiders:

  • Determine whether the first aid is provided on behalf of an organisation whose purpose is the provision of first aid
  • If it isn’t, check whether there are any other aspects of their role – including other duties or their place of work – that would entitle them to a higher level of check
  • If you’re an employer, request your DBS checks by registering with a DBS umbrella body.

Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any further questions. You can apply for a number of DBS Checks through our simple online platform – most checks are completed within 48 hours. Get started now.

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