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The Change From CRB To DBS – A Quick History Lesson

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Ever wonder what led to the change from CRB to DBS? We’ve put together our quick guide so you don’t have to…

Introduced by the Home Office in 2002, the CRB – or Criminal Records Bureau – was a revolutionary service that provided detailed reports of an applicant’s criminal record history.

It goes without saying this proved invaluable for employers who wanted to find more information about their potential new recruits, allowing them to reassure their existing staff about how seriously they took their well-being.

The Criminal Record Check was designed to protect vulnerable groups by screening anyone they may to come into contact with during employment situations.

Access to this information has proved vital in employment processes and these checks are now commonplace throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Technology allowed the CRB to develop in 2010 when Criminal Record Checks launched online.

Known as the e-bulk service, online checks helped reduce the time it took to request this information – allowing employers to make their employment decisions quicker and more efficiently.

The Criminal Records Bureau had always been the Home Office department responsible for requesting Criminal Record Checks.

It worked in conjunction with the Independent Safeguarding Authority, which provided the barring element of what is now the combined DBS Check.

The landscape changed in December 2012 when the two merged to provide us with what we now know and trust as The Disclosure and Barring Service.

The change from CRB to DBS was complete – but it almost didn’t happen that way.

The CRB had been due to partner with the ISA in administering the newly-created Vetting and Barring Scheme from 2009.

This was suspended in 2010 pending a review following the 2010 General Election.

This review was published in February 2011, making recommendations for a merger between the CRB and ISA into a single, new, non-departmental public body.

The DBS was born and the rest is history.

The DBS, now confirmed in its direction, continues to provide an extensive Criminal Record Check. Future developments are outlined to continue improving its service, keeping it at the forefront of security in the UK workplace.

Watch this space. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news but for now that’s enough from us so here endeth the lesson.

We hope this quick guide to the change from CRB to DBS helps but as always get in touch if you need any help – we like to think of ourselves as the fastest, most efficient and best value DBS Check provider in the UK. Get in touch and see if you agree.

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