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A DBS Check For Work Experience: Do You Need One?

dbs check for work experience

There are some instances when a teenager will need to undergo a DBS Check for work experience.

There are also some cases where a member of staff at the company welcoming someone on work experience needs to be screened too.

Let us explain these scenarios for you…

DBS Check for work experience: Age requirement

The first key thing to keep in mind is that in all circumstances, only teenagers aged 16 and over are required to take a DBS Check.

As discussed in our recent blog, due to changes made by the government in 2012, anyone aged 15 or under is not legally required to undergo a disclosure.

So it’s only those aged 16 or over who may need a DBS Check for work experience, depending on what they will be doing.

The factor that dictates if someone aged 16 or over requires a DBS Check for work experience is whether or not they will be working regularly with children or vulnerable adults.

This is stipulated by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and examples could include working in a school, nursery, care home or hospital. Children with a juvenile offender’s record may also be asked to have a DBS Check.

DBS Check for work experience: Supervisors

However, it’s not just those going on work experience who may need a DBS Check.

Anyone who will be supervising someone on work experience could require an Enhanced DBS Check, if the child on work experience is under the age of 18 and particularly if the supervisor will need to spend every day or long periods of time alone with the child.

The school may ask the work experience supervisor at the place of employment for a DBS check. The school is especially likely to do so if the work experience placement will last at least two weeks.

There is one more vital aspect of work experience which an employer needs to be aware of.

Any employer which knowingly lets someone on either the DBS Adult’s Barred List or DBS Children’s Barred List have regular activity with the child is committing an offence – therefore, employers should be confident of their staff’s background before allowing anyone to come on work experience.

DBS Check for work experience: In summary

A DBS Check is only required for someone going on work experience if they are aged 16 or over and if their placement will involve regular contact with children or vulnerable adults.

It is actually more likely that the employer welcoming someone on work experience will need to consider a DBS Check for some of their staff.

If you would like to discuss anything at all about a DBS Check for work experience, please let us know and we’d be happy to offer some friendly advice.

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