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Six Reasons Why You Should Apply For A DBS Check Online

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If you’re applying for a DBS Check you’ll need to decide whether to do it online or by submitting paper forms. While both are viable options, we believe the online method holds a number of benefits over the paper-based route.

Here are six reasons why applying for a DBS Check online will save you time, money and hassle.


1. The online process is faster

The turnaround times are much quicker if you apply for a DBS Check online than if you take the paper route.

At uCheck, our online application turnaround is just 48 hours on average — although our record for an Enhanced DBS Check is 61 minutes!

If you opt for a paper application you’ll need to rely on a postal service, which will take much longer to come back to you. We suggest budgeting for at least six weeks to receive the DBS Check if you do wish to apply via a paper application.


2. Applying online is cheaper

If you belong to a company that regularly carries out DBS Checks, it’s possible to reduce your costs by applying online.

The administration charge for a paper application at uCheck is £15 per DBS Check, whereas our online administration fee is £10.40 – and can be reduced to as little as £4.80 depending on the number of applications you need carried out.

There’s no minimums or contractual tie-ins – once registered, all costs are on a pay-as-you-go basis.


3. You can track your application

By applying for a DBS Check online you can track the status of your application, bringing you greater peace of mind.

Tracking is simple and can be done through the Government’s DBS online tracking service or through uCheck’s easy-to-use Tracking And Results mobile app.


4. Communication is better

During the application process, you may have some questions you need answered by a professional. By applying online through uCheck, you will have experts on-hand to answer any DBS-related queries you might have.

Get in touch with us online through our live chat or by email.  Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak on the phone, there’s always support from our UK-based Client Support Team during working hours.


5. There’s less chance of error

If you make a mistake on your application it could delay the process and impact the accuracy of the DBS certificate. Reduce the number of errors made on your application by submitting it online.

Our application system makes it much easier to accurately fill in your details by recognising and highlighting any obvious errors, providing guidance on how to fix them.


6. It’s better for the environment

Finally, using an online application system is a more eco-friendly option! Not only will you reduce the amount of paper you use, but you will also reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out transportation of your documents.


Online DBS Checks: A conclusion

As you can see, there are many benefits to applying for a DBS Check online. You will save time, money and have greater peace of mind thanks to the online tracking process.

If you’re ready to apply for an online DBS Check, you can register here or get in touch with us to find out more.

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