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uCheck’s Branded Platform White Label Service: What You Need To Know

branded platform

Brand continuity and recognition is a major part of any organisation’s identity, allowing it to present itself as not only more professional but also memorable in the eyes of users.

With this in mind, uCheck introduced its own Branded Platform service, which allows us to adapt our HR Platform to seamlessly integrate and match with your organisation’s branding.

We’ve since created Branded Platforms for organisations from a variety of sectors and sizes. Here’s why you should consider choosing a Branded Platform from uCheck:


Brand Trust

A consistent look means a better, more trustworthy user experience for your clients. Users like to know who they’re doing business with – it’s better that they’re not left unsure or confused by inconsistent platforming.

By integrating a Branded Platform you’re likely to build brand awareness and trust – and by doing so increasing the likelihood of users recommending your business to others.

This is a real benefit when you have many users, or if some don’t often come into contact with your brand.

If your users already trust your brand, it’s natural for them to be more comfortable and trusting in a platform that truly represents you.


Cost Efficient

Rather than spending large sums to invest in your own solution, it makes more sense to use tried and trusted technology.

uCheck has already invested many thousands of development hours into the platform and continues to develop and improve as regulations change.

By investing in a Branded Platform, your organisation can avoid all of those future headaches and focus user experience and service.


How does it work? How long does it take?

Our Branded Platform process is simple:

  • A client sends uCheck a high-resolution image of their logo and their brand colour palette
  • A unique Branded Platform is created by our talented custom development team, who then send over the visuals for the client to approve
  • The organisation is then sent a unique login URL by their account manager so they can access the platform at any time!

Branding the platform with a client’s logo and colours is a one-off payment of only £500 plus VAT. If further customisation is required uCheck can facilitate this for an additional fee.

With our experience of many clients using uCheck white labelling, we have streamlined the process. The whole process should only take a couple of days.

If your organisation is interested in using the uCheck branded platform, get started here or get in touch to find out more.

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