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Say hello to the new uCheck…


We’re excited to announce the launch of our new brand!

We envision a world where businesses and their people stay a step ahead of the game by owning their future. But rather than doing it alone, we’ll be by your side to support you.

We’ve been busy helping businesses with their pre-employment checks, including DBS, Right to Work, Identity, and Adverse Credit, for a long time. As we continue to evolve, we think it’s important to keep the way we look, feel, and sound to properly represent how we work with you.

We don’t want to simply help you tick boxes; we’ve made it our mission to get your business ready for anything by helping you to quickly and confidently place the right people in the right roles to bolster your business for the future.

To start things off, we’d like you to say hello to our new logo…

uCheck Logo

This is the new uCheck. The logo was designed to tell the story of the family of brands that uCheck is proudly a part of. We chose a ‘Forward Motion Swirl’, to represent our relentless drive to keep moving forward to support you in this ever-changing world.

Like it? Us too! But that’s not the only thing changing. Let’s take a look at what else is on the horizon for 2023.

Our platform is evolving

You may have heard that we’ve been planning a big update for our platform… and the rumours are true!

Over the next few months, we’ll look to migrate our platform over to Atlas, Citation’s online management hub, to enhance your experience of working with us.

There’s no need to worry about downloading anything, or even changing the way you log in! You can continue using the same URL, username, and password. And all your data will still be there.

Why are we doing this? The short answer is to make your life easier! By moving over to Atlas, we can offer you the ultimate one-stop business service hub, allowing you to take care of your employment checks, certifications, training, and a number of other Citation Group services in one place.

Not only does it help to keep things tidy and in one place, but Atlas is extremely user friendly and comes equipped with some fantastic smart features that will make your job that little bit easier.

We’re part of something bigger

When we became part of the Citation Group in early 2022, it allowed us to work closely with Citation and other Group businesses to share knowledge and industry insights, which ultimately has helped us to improve our service.

Here’s what our Head of Business Development, Jack Lander, has to say about the rebranding:

“The last year has been fantastic for uCheck. Not only have we become part of the Citation Group, allowing us, and our clients, to tap into the expertise of this group of businesses, but it’s also given us an exciting opportunity to work on creating a brand that truly reflects our goals and values. – Jack Lander, Head of Business Development at uCheck

While it’s been great for us to absorb this expert knowledge, we want to make sure you, our clients, can benefit from it too. Working within the Group has allowed us to massively expand our service offering, meaning that we can cater to more than just your employment check needs.

Ultimately, the rebrand has brought our Citation family of brands closer together so that you can benefit from our shared purpose. After all, our products and services were built to better your business, so why not work together to build even further?

Here’s what’s not changing

You! Our clients have always been the heart and soul of our business. You make us who we are! For this reason, we’ve always made a conscious effort to put you first… and that isn’t changing. With the rebrand in place and a refreshed purpose, we will be able to continue providing you with our speedy, high-quality employment checks, helping you to smash your business goals, without the premium price tag.

Ultimately, you’ll still be receiving all the features of more expensive systems without paying the premium price, allowing you to cover all the checks your business needs in no time at all!

What does this mean for you?

Not only do we want this rebrand to make things easier for you, but we also want to provide you the best support possible to help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

We’d like you to think of us as your ultimate business pit crew. Passionate, resourceful, at the ready, fired up and thinking ahead to equip your businesses to be its best.

If you have any questions, please get in touch today on 0300 140 0022 or at info@ucheck.co.uk.

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