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Reviews For DBS Providers: Our Success On Trustpilot

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There’s no shortage of them out there.

However with a little digging it’s evident that not all reviews for DBS providers are exactly favourable.

Now we wouldn’t go so far as to name names, it goes without saying we are far too professional for that. Let’s just say certain companies in the industry don’t offer the complete package – whether that involves slow processing times, inflated prices or questionable customer service.

We believe that reviews for DBS providers should play an important part in choosing the right company to use for pre-employment screening or getting a CRB Check.

Our commitment to excellent customer service

At uCheck we appreciate the value of each customer we work with, no matter how big or how small they may be.

We listen to their opinions and, wherever possible, we try our best to follow up on any comments, suggestions and ideas in order to improve our service and benefit our customers.

One of the main ways in which we do this is through the online review company Trustpilot.

Trustpilot allows users from all over the world to leave reviews and comments about the companies they do business with – talk about honest and direct feedback!

One standout feature of Trustpilot is that whether a review is good or bad, once it’s submitted it cannot be removed, ensuring credibility and guaranteeing a few hearts in mouths when companies check the latest posts!

This gives a clear picture of the quality of a company’s service, as well as allowing consumers to make the best possible choice when searching for that ‘gold star’ business.

uCheck get the thumbs up in reviews for DBS providers

We are always looking to improve, and, since signing up to Trustpilot in December 2014, we have been able gain a better understanding of our customers and their expectations through the scores they have given us.

So far, over 80% of our reviews are rated five star, and we are currently one of the leading performers in reviews for DBS providers.

Needless to say, the whole team are thrilled with the results we are seeing so far, but we can always improve. We are always looking to hear from more of our customers so we can push ourselves to the next level and offer an even better service.

To give some insight into what our clients are saying about us, here’s an example of one review we received this month…

uCheck has changed my life!

I used uCheck for the first time this week for a new applicant, it took 24hrs to get the disclosure back, I am so impressed! I can now offer the applicant the position she applied for immediately, it has previously taken up to 3 months in the past using another agency which has caused me huge problems. The staff at uCheck have always been kind, professional and helpful, I am so glad we are now registered with uCheck.

We are confident we will continue to receive great feedback like this but we can’t do it without you so don’t be shy.

Help us shape the way we work and develop our business with your feedback. We care what you think!


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