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Rent Our DBS Online System


The e-bulk service allows Organisations to submit multiple electronic applications for DBS Disclosures and receive results back online. For any employment that recruits people working with children or vulnerable groups, a DBS check will need to be carried out. A DBS check allows you or the recruiter to make suitable, safe employment decisions.
Submitting applications via the online e-bulk solution saves time, money and workload for your organisation, meaning results return faster and you can make that important employment decision sooner. There’s fewer forms to fill in, more automatic validity checks on the data you enter and as a result less queries for you to deal with.
The e-bulk solution provides a trusted link between your system and the DBS via the Ministry of Justice. This ensures your applications are sent and returned in the most secure way, protecting you and your applicant’s information. You get to manage your applications online, reducing the need for paperwork and therefore streamlining your processes.
There are no large development costs, which are also very timely; instead you can lease an already approved system to submit your checks. The system is tailor made to suit your needs and designed to work for you. As an existing umbrella body, you will already know the requirements of the DBS and the responsibility of managing your own checks, so why not make it quicker and easier. You get a fully serviced and maintained software platform and your results are returned sooner; exactly as it should be.


We know DBS checks have to be secure, but they don’t have to be difficult. It can seem daunting knowing if using the online service is right for you, that is why we offer a trial of our system before you commit. E-brokers have provided assurances, above and beyond those already given for e-bulk, that their IT platform and associated procedures are secure and fit for purpose. Contact uCheck for more information and make DBS Disclosure easy.

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