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What’s New With uCheck? – Rechecking Reminders & Wallet Facility

wallet facility

We will be making some updates! 

Here at uCheck we work to provide our clients with as efficient an online experience as possible – and we’re always looking to improve the service we offer.

With that in mind, we’re going to be updating our HR Platform with two new facilities. These will be added to make payment and knowing when to recheck a simple process for our clients.

But what are these updates? How will they work? Let us run you through our new additions that will be launched soon:


Criminal record rechecking reminders

Criminal record rechecking reminders will be able to be set up from within the ‘My Account’ section on our HR Platform.

This facility is for organisations that request criminal record checks. It can be used for Disclosure Scotland Basic Checks, as well as Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks.

The system will let you know when to conduct a recheck by sending you a reminder email – you have the option to receive up to three reminder emails and can choose when you’d like to receive them. These reminder emails can be chosen up to three years (36 months) from the result issue date.

You will also have the ability to run a report which will detail the criminal record rechecking reminder emails that you have set. 

However, if not all users want to receive reminder emails they can choose not to via the ‘email options’ section in ‘My Account’.

If a leave date has already been entered for an applicant, then a rechecking reminder email will not be sent.


Wallet Facility

Our new facility will give clients the option to put money into a ‘wallet’ that can be drawn upon when completing each individual check, eliminating the need to pay for each by card one-by-one.

Clients can load funds into this facility either via card or bank transfer – if you’re doing this by card, you can choose a saved card if you like! There are no restrictions on who can top up the wallet facility.

Your wallet balance is always visible, and you have the option to withdraw the funds at any time.

If you’d like to keep track of your use of the wallet facility, you have the ability to view a live ‘statement history’ which can be filtered by date. If you’d like something more permanent for your records there’s also the option to download the ‘statement history’ as a CSV file.

This ‘statement history’ shows all deposits, withdrawals, refunds and any checks that have used your funds. It can be used to view up to 12 months’ worth of records.

The minimum top-up for the wallet facility is only £5.00, and the maximum top-up in one transaction is £300.00.


What’s new with uCheck: Conclusion

We hope that our clients will find these new updates useful – but if you haven’t had the chance to register with us yet this could be the perfect opportunity!

If you need any further help or advice applying for a DBS or other screening checks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

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