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Illegal Working In The UK: An Infographic


What’s the general British attitude toward illegal workers? We surveyed 2,800 business owners to get their honest opinion – and the results were extremely interesting. 

We found that those in the charity sector were the most compassionate towards illegal workers, while only 18.5% of those in the pharmaceutical industry revealed they feel that way. We’ve also seen that UK businesses had to fork out millions to the Home Office in fines between January and March 2019 for employing illegal immigrants in the UK.

See how regions and industries compare using our interactive infographic:

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As you can see, we discovered that those in London and South East England had to pay a huge £4,450,000 in fines for hiring illegal workers, followed by businesses in the Midlands and Eastern England who racked up £1,575,000 worth of fines. North East businesses had the fewest breaches, with fines of just £540,000.

If you want to make sure your business is sticking to the strict legal requirements, we’ll make sure you have all the information required if audited by the Home Office with our Right to Work Checks.

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Latest illegal working penalties data (July-September 2017) sourced from the UK Government website.

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