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Getting Your DBS Application Right First Time

Getting your DBS application right first time will hardly give you a story to wow your future grandchildren but it can save you a fair few headaches in the long run.

Taking an extra minute or two to double check all the details before you submit should ensure any applications are not held up unnecessarily.

We like to think of ourselves as a friendly bunch but you can probably do without us calling you with queries. And I’m guessing the same applies for the Police or the DBS themselves.

Any mistakes or queries can cause unnecessary delays in your recruitment decisions and you’ve got more important things to worry about than mountains of paperwork when you should be doing your job.

So what do I need to do to ensure it all goes through smoothly?

The Approver and ID Checker’s role is to ensure the detail on the application is correct and details given by the applicant match the identity documents supplied.

Employers are also responsible for ensuring they are requesting the right level of check for the applicant – and that they are legally entitled to do so.

You’ll be glad to know we have plenty of checks and balances built in to our system to help eradicate some of the common mistakes made on applications.

So postcodes are validated for example.

Where the driving licence is given, checks are also made to corroborate information from the form regarding date of birth, correct name formation and gender.

Our countersignatories will also point out any obvious mistakes wherever possible.

However, once an the application has been submitted to the DBS, it is a different story.

It’s not possible to make any amendments or corrections to the application detail once the wheels are in motion with the DBS.

Mistakes made in the applicant’s name, address or date of birth can lead to an invalid DBS Disclosure Certificate and the time and expense of having to start all over again.

So, with this in mind, take that extra 60 seconds to double and triple check every last detail is correct before you hit the all-important submit button.

Be careful and put the emphasis on getting your DBS application right first time!

Getting your DBS application right – a checklist for the approver

As an approver or ID Checker for a DBS application you need to:

  • Check the spelling of all names. Check the formation is correct, with the middle name in the middle name field as you’d expect
  • Double check the title of the applicant matches the gender given – it is easy to click on the wrong drop-down option. You won’t believe how many applications we get where the title is Mr and the gender has been selected as female!
  • Ensure the identity documents match the DBS application, with the name spelt accurately and the correct date of birth
  • Ensure a full five-year address history has been given and the current address is in the UK

If you follow these easy rules there’s every chance your DBS applications will go through efficiently and smoothly.

Having said that, we’re always here to help so please call if you have any questions.

Then you can make your own mind up whether we are the friendly bunch we claim to be.

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