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Do You Need A DBS Check When Parents Are Present?

DBS check when parents are present

We’re often asked whether individuals who work with children need a DBS check when parents are present at all times.

If you’re also wondering what the policy is, then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s the law that employees working unsupervised with children must undergo an enhanced DBS check.

It’s also the law that volunteers whose duties involve specific contact with children must undergo an enhanced DBS Check.

It’s still important to get a DBS check when parents are present to oversee their children.

For some one-off events where parents are present, like school trips and discos, a DBS check (formerly known as an online CRB check) is not a legal requirement for volunteers.

However, in most other situations, it still remains essential to undergo an enhanced DBS check when parents are present.

Instances when an enhanced DBS Check is still required

There are plenty of one-off circumstances where parents can watch over their children, but staff and volunteers must have been screened regardless.

These situations include – but are not limited to – any time when they’re required to provide personal care or help a child eat, drink or wash.

Furthermore, any care or supervision of a child which can be classed as a ‘regulated activity’ requires an enhanced DBS check. The government broadly defines this as unsupervised activities at specific places that are carried out on a regular basis.

For example, teaching or training a child as a one-off in the company of parents does not require a DBS check.

Doing so on a regular basis, though, would mean that the individual in question needs an enhanced DBS check.

Similarly, as long as parents are present, an employee or volunteer providing ad hoc advice or guidance to children regarding their physical or emotional health would not have to undergo a DBS check. However, offering this type of support regularly would necessitate a disclosure.

For more information about whether or not an enhanced DBS check is required, please do get in touch – we’d be happy to help.


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