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Do Potential NHS Staff Need A DBS Check? Your Complete Guide

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Security is understandably tight within the National Health Service.

Applicants who have passed the interview stage are required to undergo a series of checks before they are offered the position.

These include verifying your identity, your employment history and even a pre-appointment health check.

However you may be asking yourself Do potential NHS staff need a DBS Check.

Read on to find out more…

For which roles do potential NHS staff need a DBS Check?

You will be unsurprised to hear that many NHS roles require you to have a DBS Check before you are offered the job. But just because you have found a role with the NHS that doesn’t mean you will necessarily have to. It all depends on what role you are going for.

As a rule if you are applying for a post with access to patients in receipt of health services you will need to have a DBS Check.

A standard check is used for roles that come into contact with patients.

However, if you are working in a role with greater levels of contact an enhanced check will need to be performed. Other positions, which have less contact with patients, may need a lower level of DBS disclosure or none at all.

Do I need to declare my previous convictions when applying?

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act(ROA) 1974 states that some criminals’ convictions become spent after a rehabilitation period. This means that normally an ex-offender is not required to mention these convictions.

However, in the NHS there are some circumstances when an ex-offender is required to mention their convictions – even if the rehabilitation period is complete.

Applicants going for a job with a position of trust­ (a nurse working with children for example) are required to reveal their full criminal history.

Do applicants from overseas still need to undergo a DBS Check?

Even though you are being recruited from abroad you may still need to undergo a DBS Check.

These checks need to be carried out in line with your country’s justice system and are still subject to UK requirements. Foreign police do not have access to UK police records but it could be possible for you to undergo an overseas police check rather than a DBS Check. This will depend on the length of your residency in the UK.

Do potential NHS staff need a DBS Check? The conclusion

If you are coming into contact with patients then you are almost definitely going to need a DBS Check. Depending on how frequently you are in contact with them you will need either a standard check or an enhanced one.

If you are regularly caring for vulnerable adults or children you will need the Enhanced Check. However, not all NHS staff need a DBS Check. The level of DBS or CRB disclosure required is often stated in the job requirement so it is worth having a re-read if you are unsure.

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