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DBS Checks For Childcare Providers Looking To Register With Ofsted – What You Need To Know

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We often get asked about DBS Checks for childcare providers looking to register with Ofsted – the Government body charged with safeguarding youngsters.

That’s because if you want to be paid to be a childminder or childcare provider in England you have two choices: sign up with Ofsted or a childminder agency.

There is a lot to know and sifting through all the information isn’t easy.

So to make everything simpler we’ve answered some key questions.

Read on to find out more…

What is the DBS Update Service and does it make life easier?

Signing up with Ofsted means you have to follow their rules and one of those is that you have to join the DBS Update Service.

In basic terms it allows applicants to store their DBS certificates online.

It’s great for you as a childcare provider because it means you are always up-to-date.

For employers it makes life easy because everything is online and it is simple to access.

What if you already have a DBS Check from another organisation?

DBS Checks for childcare providers can be completed through another organisation other than Ofsted.

However, Ofsted will only accept them if it is an enhanced level check, the position applied for states ‘child workforce’ and the applicant has registered with the DBS Update Service we spoke about earlier.

Can I start working before I complete a DBS Check?

Ofsted have clearly stated that they will not register a person who has not completed a DBS Check.

However, for staff who Ofsted do not decide on their suitability it may be possible from them to begin work if they fulfill certain criteria.

For example if waiting for a DBS Check to be completed will disrupt the care of children they may be able to work. The worker will need to have started their application for a DBS Check and must never be left alone with the youngsters.

Do students on work placement and volunteers need DBS Checks?

A student on work placement or a volunteer will need to get undergo an enchanced DBS Check if they will be having regular, unsupervised contact with children.

It becomes a bit tricky with the definition of regular contact but Ofsted says it will take a common sense approach to the matter.

For example a workie could have regular contact with children even though they are on a short work placement.

Someone on a longer placement could only meet children once and in this case Ofsted does not require a DBS Check but the student should not be left alone with the children.

Ofsted’s DBS Checks for childcare providers: The conclusion

Registering with Ofsted as a childminder or childcare provider can be a tricky process.

But the key point to take away is that no matter what, you will need to sign up to the DBS Update Service.

Without it you won’t be able to join Ofsted and, let’s be honest, it makes life a lot easier anyway.

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