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An Enhanced Disclosure In 48 Hours – How Do We Do It?

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Ever wondered how to get an Enhanced Disclosure in 48 hours? On average, we manage it for a large percentage of our clients so read on if you want to find out the secret recipe behind our success.*

We are proud of how quickly we provide disclosures, but, never ones for complacency, we are looking to reduce turnaround times still further.

In fact our record is now just over an hour!

So, we hear you ask, what are the tricks of the trade? Good question, please allow us to elaborate…

There are three main reasons we are typically able to perform an Enhanced Disclosure in 48 hours:-

  • Simple online process
  • Brilliant client support team
  • Direct online link with the DBS

So let’s look at these points in more detail…

A simple online process makes an enhanced disclosure in 48 hours possible

Before we built our online process, we asked organisations what they wanted. The overriding response we got was that the system needed to be simple to use.

It needed to be easy for clients that were requesting thousands of applications a year. However, it also needed to be easy for those who just required a handful.

We like to think we have achieved this, with a format that only captures the information required to request the Disclosure.

Consequently, the 20,000-plus clients that use our online system each year come in all shapes and sizes and we are proud to work with everyone.

Our customer service team are committed to a fast and efficient service

We believe passionately that making the right recruitment decisions is the cornerstone of any business – it goes without saying that principle is a driving force behind our organisation.

With that in mind, it is of paramount importance to us that we only recruit individuals of the highest calibre within our own business.

As a result, we leave no stone unturned to ensure we only employ staff who put the needs of the client first.

Although we have separate departments for the different aspects of our vetting and screening services, all our staff feel part of one big team.

The ultimate objective is delivering a fast and efficient service to clients, and always caring about getting it right.

Our relationship with the DBS can really help if there are any issues

We have been working with the DBS (formerly the CRB) since it was introduced in 2002, meaning we have over 15 years’ experience in disclosure vetting.

Furthermore, uCheck has its own dedicated Account Manager at the DBS – another crucial factor when it comes to cutting through the red tape.

Contact us on 0300 140 0022 to find out more about us or the process in general – we’d be only too happy to help.


*This figure is based on an average across all applications and is by no means a guarantee.

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