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How Can Adverse Credit Checks Help Your Recruitment Process?

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Adverse credit checks: how they can help your recruitment process

Adverse credit checks can be a useful tool in safeguarding your business against staff fraud. Fraud is a growing issue for businesses across the UK, and staff fraud can form a large part of that problem.

An adverse credit check can assist your organisation in its recruitment decisions by helping to ensure confidence in an applicant’s financial position.

What are adverse credit checks?

Adverse credit checks will, put simply, detail any serious adverse credit on an applicant’s credit history.

Adverse credit refers to any significantly late payments or non-payments on a credit report. This means that this check is not a general credit statement with a credit rating, but rather a record of any significant issues in an applicant’s credit history.

Examples of what can appear on this check include:

Why request adverse credit checks?

Requesting adverse credit checks can be beneficial for organisations because it shows whether an applicant could be in a vulnerable position financially. Being financially vulnerable may mean they’re more likely to feel pressured into bribes or other fraud.

Whilst this check can be requested on any prospective employee who gives their permission, adverse credit checks may be particularly useful for applicants whose role will involve handling cash or valuables.

As a result, this check can play a vital role in the pre-employment screening process for your applicants. Confirming an applicant’s financial position can help to allay concerns over staff fraud and dishonesty.

How to request adverse credit checks

Adverse credit checks can be requested through the uCheck pre-employment screening platform, with results returned in as little as five minutes.

To get started, just register with our online service and you’ll be provided with access to the system. There’s no minimum contract period or any monthly or annual fees – you only pay for the checks you need.

Our online platform is designed to show you the status of your applications at every step of the way, meaning you’ll be able to easily keep track of them. Once the application is complete, you’ll receive an automatic notification to let you know.

All results from our pre-employment screening platform will be provided in a downloadable PDF form, designed for easy inclusion in your HR files.

Want to get started requesting checks? Click here to register or get in touch to find out more.

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