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Basic Criminal Record Checks Have Their Uses!

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Which jobs require a DBS check? A beginner’s guide

When you think about criminal record checks the CRB spring to mind, or more correctly now the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). However, most employers requiring a check aren’t eligible for Standard or Enhanced DBS checks as they are only intended for particular occupations that work with children or adults that are considered vulnerable. Therefore, jobs such as teachers, nurses and dentists would be eligible. However, what if your role is not one of these but you still want your applicant to be checked? Help is at hand with a Basic Criminal Record Check known as a Basic Disclosure.

What is a DBS/CRB Basic Disclosure?

A Basic Disclosure is a printout taken from the Police National Computer of an individual’s ‘unspent’ criminal convictions. ‘Unspent’ convictions are convictions which owing to their circumstances remain ‘unspent’. Some convictions will always be ‘unspent’ because of the severity of the offence and the sentence handed out. Examples of this are crimes for which a prison sentence of more than 4 years was given. At the other end of the scale, a fine handed down by the court would be spent within one year.

Can all Employers request a Basic Disclosure?

With the applicant’s permission, any employer can request a Basic Disclosure to assist in the recruitment process. They are a really useful tool to be used alongside other pre-employment screening such as references from previous employers. Roles such as delivery drivers, people handling money and airport staff, are just a few examples of the types of job that may require a Basic Disclosure. Please contact us on 0300 140 0022 if you require any help with eligibility or the merits of Basic Disclosures.

Can Individuals request Basic DBS Checks?

Yes, they can. Individuals living or working in England and Wales are able to apply for a Basic DBS Check on themselves using uCheck’s simple online application form. Applicants from Scotland will need to apply directly to Disclosure Scotland to get their Basic Individual DBS Check. If you’re living or working in Northern Ireland you will be able to obtain a Basic DBS on yourself from AccessNI.

Basic DBS Checks are particularly useful for individuals who are self-employed and looking to add an extra level of authority to their business.

How do you apply for them?

The quickest and easiest way to get checks as an employer is to use our online system. Checks take a few minutes to request, and with the very latest processors, the result typically comes back in under 48 hours. A paper certificate confirming the result will follow a few days later.

For individuals, you can find more information on how to apply for your check and what you’ll need, here.

For more details about the uCheck’s very latest Basic Disclosure processing system, call 0300 140 0022. Similarly, if you would like information about our DBS/CRB rapid online system, please call us now on 0300 140 0022.

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